Project News

Viewing posted articles

The Project News page provides a space for those announcements, milestones, and articles that relate to a specific hosted project. These "news" items are arranged according to date and have been selected by the project owner or whomever she has delegated to that role. Depending on the preferences of the project owner, the items will be represented either as links to the actual articles or as links plus a short synopsis of the article.

If you would like to see the full article of any news item, simply click on the underlined link. You should be taken immediately to the article. If you are not, it is possible that the source site has discontinued the article. In this case, you should let the project owner know.

Not all articles featured on this page are necessarily previously published news items. Some might be announcements, white papers, or any other document that can be considered "news" and which the project owner has deemed important to place here and consequently available to all those interested in the project. Depending on how the project owner has constructed these pages, there might be an archive of older articles.

Note: A link posted to a published article does not constitute ownership. If you wish to distribute the article on your own, you must negotiate with the copyright owner.

Adding articles

Generally, the only one who can add articles to the news page is the project owner and those to whom she has delegated that responsibility. If your project role includes the ability to add news articles, please read the discussion of how to add news items.

If your project role does not, however, include adding news articles, and you happen to come across an article that you think would be particularly apropos for the project. The easiest way to have it added to the project news site would be to send its URL and a description to the project owner, who can then choose whether to include it or not.