Learning about projects

The Hosted Projects page provides access to all of the public projects hosted on this site as well as a list of project categories and a link to add a new project. The first of two tabs that are visible is the Projects tab. In this area all public projects are linked to their project home pages and are listed with the project summary and their category. The second tab, the Categories tab provides a list of all public parent categories on the site. Each category is listed with it's summary and the number of subcategories and projects associated with it.

Clicking on the name of a project or category will take you to the home page for that item. Once there you can peruse the information available. From the project home page you can use navigational links to see a list of project members, view the archives of the mailing lists, view source code, see what issues have been encountered, view project documents and files and see what project news has been posted. If you wish to become a member of the project, you can use the "Join this project" link.

If you find the project interesting but are not ready to join, you can add the project to your Start page by clicking on the "Watch this project" link. Once you have confirmed your interest, the project is added to your Start page where you can access it quickly and easily.