Overview of Hosted Tools

This site features the following hosted tools for project members. Each of the following links leads to further documentation about using these tools.

ViewCVS source code browsing

ViewCVS source code browsing gives project contributors a graphical, browser-based tool to view project files, version histories, and directory structures.

CVS source code version control

The Concurrent Versions System (CVS) is a widely used version control tool for tracking all modifications to project source code files. Developers can work on the same files and coordinate their contributions through a common repository.

IssueZilla issue tracking

IssueZilla is a customizable open-source tool for reporting, tracking, and managing all project tasks, defects, features, enhancements, and patches.

Mailing list management and archiving

Two open-source mail tools -- anzu and eyebrowse -- provide powerful, scalable functionality to administer, moderate, customize, and archive project mailing lists.

Tunneling with SSH

SSH provides the security that is required by software development projects. SSH can be used to create a transparent "port tunnel" to the CVS (concurrent versions system) server, unobtrusively insuring the security of the data exchanged.