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Welcome to the SSCLI community web site

This site is a central location where people working with the Microsoft Shared Source Common Language Infrastructure (which is such an ugly mouthful we will herewith start using the name ROTOR) can exchange ideas, code snippets, work on joint projects, etc. 

This project website is open for all developers and researchers who want to collaboratively work on public projects that use any of the CLI/CLR technologies.

What is ROTOR?

Rotor is a free, fully functional implementation of the ECMA #335 standard for a common language infrastructure.  It also includes a compiler for C# (ECMA #334), and an implementation of JScript.  It is closely related to the Microsoft .NET Common Language Runtime.  Most importantly, it's all delivered entirely as source code and is licensed under liberal terms so that it can be used freely for research and educational purposes.  Read Microsoft's description of Rotor.

David Stutz, one of the authors of Rotor, described it thus:  "It's an amazing piece of software for those who love browsing or tinkering with programming language infrastructure. In its million-plus lines of source code, you will find compilers, tools, techniques for automatically managing memory, just-in-time (JIT) code generators, component and Web services infrastructure, globalization know-how, security protocols, and all sorts of other intriguing realizations of abstract concepts."

What's on

There are three tabs in the left top corner, under the Rotor logo that direct you to the main sections of this site:

  • Community. This tab opens the Rotor community page where you can find general information, the latest news, events, community activity, and more.
  • Projects.This tab is where you manage your project activity at take part in collaborative projects.  You can create projects, join projects and search for projects here. You have to be a member to access projects or their code. To join, go here.
  • My Pages. This tab is where you customize your interface to the site, keep track of your projects and so on.

How do I get started?

Join this community site here.

The Rotor tarball from Microsoft can be found here.  For other projects, you need to join a project on the Projects tab.

Want to learn more?

Microsoft has a section in MSDN devoted to Rotor.  You can download a substantial amount of documentation there.

In March 2002, Microsoft Research (MSR) ran a Request for Proposal and made 44 grants for research and teaching projects related to Rotor.  The proposals can be found here.

You can get a DVD from MSR containing videos of the announcement and training sessions that were done in Cambridge in March 2002, by sending email to: .  You must include your name and a complete mailing address.

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Community news

  • This community site was setup by researchers from Cornell University in collaboration with CollabNet with some help from the Rotor team at Microsoft.

  • The Rotor 2003 Workshop will be held in Redmond on September 17-19, 2003. The workshop features a regular paper submission process, with selected papers to be published in IEE Proceedings - Software.  The workshop will have a mixture of paper presentations with invited talks.

  • The book Shared Source CLI Essentials by David Stutz, Ted Neward and Geof Shilling is available in the book stores. Read the reader reviews:O'Reilly, All Things Distributed, Programming Reviews,
  • An interview with David Stutz about the book is online.

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