Managing files in WinCvs

Finding out File Status

If you need to find the status of a file relative to the version in the CVS repository, select the file and select Status selection in the Query menu. The file's status, working revision number, and repository revision number are displayed in the bottom pane.

CVS Status Definitions

Locally modified
Your working file contains changes made after the latest version in the repository.
Your file is not part of the CVS repository. The file needs to be added, then committed.
Your working file is current with the latest version in the repository.

Comparing Different Versions of Files

There may be circumstances when you want to compare the repository version to your file before you commit your changes. Sometimes you may have made some particularly complex modifications to a file that you know someone else has also worked on. Selecting Diff selection in the Query menu allows you to compare your file against the file in the cvs repository, or against earlier versions.

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