Generating status reports about project issues

Generating reports

IssueZilla includes built-in reporting for a snap-shot status review of issue activity, either for your entire project or within individual project components.

To generate statistical reports on your project's issue-handling performance, click on "Reports" in the IssueZilla tool bar.

  1. Select a project component or "all" to include issues for the entire project.
  2. Choose your desired output:
    Issue Count
    Provides three different summaries of the project's or the component's issues: summary by issue status, summary issue count per project member, and summary listing of issues per project member.
    Most Doomed
    Tabulates and ranks the volume issues assigned to each project member.
    Most Recently Doomed
    Tabulates and ranks the volume of newly assigned issues by project member.
  3. Accept the default setting for report format switches, or customize by removing one or both checkmarks.
    Links to Issues
    Controls the display of reports; reports can be viewed as either links or static text.
    Use this to make the web-page banner viewable on reports.