About your user profile

If you are registered with this site, clicking the Edit Profile on your Start Page displays a screen where you can edit your user account information, including your username and password for this site, and your email address.

Should you ever forget your password, you can use the "New Password" button on the login screen to obtain a new one. Entering your user name and clicking this button generates an email message to you with a URL to the Password Edit page. Once you have submitted your new password, you are logged in automatically to your Start Page.

Registered users automatically receive an email address for this domain: username@domain. This email account serves as an alias for the email address entered in your user preferences. Used to identify you as a member of the community as well as to all of the modules within the application, this address can be used at your own discretion. If you do opt to use the address associated with this site, you must still send and receive email through your own email client.

Once you become a member of any development projects on this site, the User Edit screen also lists your roles with those projects. These are linked to enable you to navigate directly to the project's home page. Clicking on any hyperlinked project takes to that project, where you can change your role by clicking on Request New Project Role. Read more about project roles.